Horizontal Tilt Switch Sensor

1) Simple Structure
2) Easy Installation
3) ​Long Life Performance
4) No friction
5) High accuracy
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Product Details

Horizontal Tilt Switch Sensor

Compared with other existing electronic dump switches:

l. Strong anti-seismic ability in horizontal and vertical directions.

2. The installation process is simple and will not cause any damage during welding.

3. High accuracy of movement, high and low level switching angle error can be controlled within ± 5 °.

4. No friction, oxidation problem, ambient temperature and humidity have no effect on signal output voltage.



Forward Current: 20 mA

Reverse Voltage: 5 V

Installation: Horizontal

Connector: 4 Pin

Operating Temperature: -20~+70 °C

Storage Temperature: -40~ +80 °C

Feature: Fast Response Time

Recommended application circuit

Outline Drawing and Action Angle


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