Handheld Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Sensor for Liquid Flow Measuring

Handheld Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Sensor for Liquid Flow Measuring

• Range of up to 2 meters.
• Level or material measurement.
• Good stability.
• Response speed is adjustable.
• Easy Installation.
• Can be customized.
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Therefore, the performance and effects of our coolant level sensor, fuel level sensor probe, sensor proximity capacitive is not inferior to imported product. Taking products as the media and relying on technology, our company constantly innovates and breaks through itself, realizing rapid development and team members' rapid growth. It is our responsibility to create value for customers. High-quality products and sincere service are our eternal pursuit. We serve our customers wholeheartedly in line with the principles of honesty and trustworthiness, strictness, rigor, efficiency and benefit.



CS-08 Non contact ultrasonic level switch is a kind of non-contact, high reliability, high cost performance, easy installation and maintenance of material level measuring instrument.It doesn't have to contact medium can meet the requirements of most of the material level measurement.Firing pulse and receives the pulse interval and the antenna to the surface of the measured medium is proportional to the distance, to calculate the distance on the surface of the antenna to the measured medium.



-Range of up to 2 meters.

-Level or material measurement.

-Good stability.

-Response speed is adjustable.

-Easy Installation.

-Can be customized.


  • River water level measurement.

  • Lake water level measurement.

  • Shallow water level measurement.

  • Hydrographic survey.

  • Material level measurement.

  • Environmental protection.

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Q:Do you offer OEM or ODM service?

A:We provide OEM or ODM services and have more than 16 years of experience.

Q:How should we choose the product model?

A:You can provide the products needed to work in the environment, range, measuring medium, precision, power supply, output, thread interface size.We will provide you with professional models according to actual conditions.

Q: How long will the lead time be?

A: Many of our regular ranges are available in stock, please refer to the part of parameter introduction, or directly ask whether we have stock.

Q: What's your packing like?

A: We are fully up to export standards. Please rest assured of that.

Q: What is your specialty like?

A: This must be emphasized. Our chief technical engineer has 25 years of experience in the sensor industry, and is familiar with various working conditions and sensor types. We have a short opening time on alibaba, but we believe that with the accumulation of customers, , more and more foreign friends will recognize us and choose us.We always believe that the quality of products determines the future.

We have many years of sales and experience in the field of Handheld Ultrasonic Water Flow Meter Sensor for Liquid Flow Measuring. Our products now are widely used in many industries and enjoy a high reputation. We improve product quality, extend product service life, and make contributions to the industry, which are praised by customers.
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