0.5% -1.0% Accuracy Level Ultrasonic RS485 Sensor

0.5% -1.0% Accuracy Level Ultrasonic RS485 Sensor

- Compact in construction.
- No mechanical moving parts, high reliability.
- High precision level control.
- High temperature resistance.
- Meet the safety standard requirements.
- Easily mounting method with locking nut.
- Equipped with 500mm cable length.
- Wide operating voltage : 5VDC ~ 28VDC (Remark : resistors should be added and connected in series, detail may refer to technical specification.)
- Voltage output : 5V ~ 28V (depend on voltage connection)
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We focus on the R & D and manufacturing of 5V Digital Output Level Instrument, touchless infrared sensor, level ultrasonic sensor and to establish a solid customer relationship with high-quality service, to win a solid market position through the use of unique product system. We have been engaged in design and development for many years and have a technical team with rich manufacturing experience to strictly control the quality of products. Our company has established our own core team, and our R&D personnel regularly participate in technical exchanges and corporate surveys, constantly discovering problems and needs, and applying new technologies to practice. We warmly welcome customers from all over the world for any kind of cooperation with us to build a mutual benefit future. We are committed to providing high-quality products and good after-sales services.


Optic liquid level meter FS-IR1902 can be used to replace mechanical type float switch with better level control accuracy and durability. This product is for liquid level sensing, convenient to get aware of liquid level and easy to adjust. Easy to install and easy to use. The photoelectric point level sensor FS-IR1902 uses the refraction and reflection of infrared light to distinguish the change of the liquid level. The structure is simple, the precision is high, and there is no mechanical part inside, so the reliability is high. The advantages are small volume, high sensitivity, low power consumption, no debugging, no calibration, no maintenance, corrosion resistance, high pressure resistance, high temperature resistance, etc.



- Compact in construction
- No mechanical moving parts, high reliability
- High precision level control

- High temperature resistance.
- Meet the safety standard requirements
- Easily mounting method with locking nut.
- Equipped with 500 mm cable length.
- Wide operating voltage : 5 VDC ~ 28 VDC (Remark : resistors should be added and
connected in series, detail may refer to technical specification.)
- Voltage output : 5 V ~ 28 V (depend on voltage connection)


Water fountain, water dispenser, water cooler, air cooler, dehumidifier, coffee machine, coffee maker, water heater, water boiler, hydroponic system, air conditioner, humidifier, bathroom equipment, vending machine, oil tank, chemical liquid level control. It will be widely applied in motor vehicles, industrial equipment, agriculture equipment and household appliances in the future.






Q: I'm trying to find a liquid level sensor for filling wine bottles. Is this small enough to fit inside the top of a wine bottle? Is it food safe? Thx

A: I don't think this will fit inside of a wine bottle. Also worth noting is that this item is no plug-and-play item. You will need to wire this water sensor up to other items for it to work.

Q: What is maximum and minimum working temperature range?

A: this is the temperature range -25℃-120℃

Q: Does the sensor work if it's placed on the side (horizontally) of the water level? e.g.On the external wall of a water bottle looking at the water.

A: The sensor only works in the vertical direction. Unless the seller thinks you can make a vertical wall of free standing water. This sensor is designed to measure water level in some kind of tank. The water rises until it touches the tip of the sensor and the sensor output changes. Primarily used in some aquarium auto top-off systems

Q:Can i use this for aquarium fish tank automatic water top off, if water level goes down this will activate a water pump to fill the water back level?

A: No you can't I tried, it more for a run dry sensor.

We uphold the spirit of 'integrity, responsibility, detail, and innovation', follow the latest development trend of 0.5% -1.0% Accuracy Level Ultrasonic RS485 Sensor, and continuously improve the company's service level and product quality with outstanding talents, advanced technology and scientific management. We are inspiring to innovate cross-age products, creating high-efficiency products with minimum effectiveness, and our company strives to create industry standards. We've been convinced that with joint efforts, the enterprise between us will bring us mutual benefits.
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