Will Air Bubbles Affect The Operation Of The Liquid Level Sensor?

- Oct 23, 2020-

Test model: FS-IR1901D (photoelectric liquid level sensor)

Test condition: Detergent + water, produce bubbles after stirring.

Test content: Compare the changes in the output voltage of the sensor under two states (bubble/no bubble).

Test Results:

There is no bubble on the head of the liquid level sensor: the voltage displayed at this time is 4.951V

The water bubble covers the head of the liquid level sensor: At this time, the display voltage is 4.951V, and the sensor is still working normally.


It can be seen that bubbles generated by detergents will not affect the sensor's work.

If you have the same problem:

When the liquid level sensor is covered by bubbles, water vapor or water droplets, which causes the signal output voltage to drop, we can provide our technicians with test data to adjust the sensor, or our technicians can adjust the sensor according to the actual application and avoid errors.