Why Level Switch Is Suitable For Food Analyzer?

- Dec 20, 2019-

Nowadays, as rapid development of science and technology, it has create convenience to our lives. In the past, manual operations work with low efficiency, high cost, but output could not be increased.For instance, the water heater in the home replaces the artificial water heating, the automatic washing machine replaces the manual hand washing, and the liquid level sensor replaces the manual monitor water level and so on. This reduce labor cost and material resources usage and greatly improves production efficiency.

Let us introduce to you why is the photoelectric liquid level switch is more suitable for the food analyzer than the float-type liquid level sensor. Food analyzer is an instrument used for food nutritional composition, flavor, and pollution detection. The main measure parameters are temperature, pressure or vacuum, liquid level etc., material composition, moisture content, and product count. In the food production continuous operation line, in order to detect whether the net weight or gross weight of food in the packaging container is within the tolerance range, a weight or liquid level detection device is often installed on the production line. For unqualified products, it is performed by a sorting machineto removes it from the production line immediately. In detecting bottle beverages, In order to accurate detect the liquid level of the filling liquid, a liquid level sensor is often adopted.


You may confused that the floating ball type liquid level sensor is very common and has a wide range of adoption.  why the photoelectric liquid level switch is more suitable for food analyzers than the floating ball type liquid level sensor? Main reasons including:

1. In terms of liquid level control accuracy, the photoelectric liquid level sensor can obviously do better. The photoelectric liquid level sensor can control the liquid level accuracy within ± 1mm, while the existing float type liquid level sensor generally has an accuracy of ± 3mm or higher. 

2. Float switch has limited life time while photoelectric liquid level sensor lifetime is much more longer, the life of the photoelectric liquid level sensor up to 100,000 hours.

3. The float-type liquid level sensor can only be installed vertically up and down, while the photoelectric type liquid level sensor can be installed in all directions, even obliquely and laterally. 

4. Due to structural design, it is not easy to do cleaning, so the float-type liquid level sensor ISN'T hygiene certification standards compliant.


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