Why Is The Precision Of Float Level Switch So Poor? How To Solve It?

- Dec 16, 2019-

The main components of the float-type liquid level switch include a reed switch, a float ball and a magnet. The ring magnet is assembled inside of the float ball and can be moved as the float ball moves, the reed pipe is fixed inside of the sensor pipe.


The accuracy and reliability of the float level switch will be greatly affected by the external factors. Because the float level switch is mechanical principle that uses water level to drive the float up and down. Meanwhile, magnet will also move with the float. When the magnet moves, it will drive the reed switch to open and close so as to control liuquid level. It is very susceptible to water level, temperature, scale, debris and liquid viscosity as it is mechanical structural design.


The incrustation occurs due to the magnet easily absorb impurities from water. The incrustation on the floating ball will increase ball weight and affect measure accuracy.The float ball will be jammed or malfunction caused by the debris and liquid stickiness. Moreover, the liquid level fluctuates and the temperature will affect the operation of the float switch. The float will move up and down with liquid level fluntuations, and the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, the material floats after the weather becomes cold.It will become stiff under the circumstance of low temperature, and the floating ball may be stucked.


Above all, the floating ball level switch is easily defective caused by its structural design and working principle, it’s low reliability and difficult to solve it fundamentally, it should be replaced by other types much more reliable level switch.


But the reliability of the photoelectric liquid level switch is fairly high, it's work principle is use the optical reflection principle while the switch head is exposed to the air (anhydrous state) or in the liquid (watered state). Therefore, it isn’t affected by external factors such as incrustation, pressure, temperature, magnetism, liquid color, viscosity, and particle impurities. 


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