What Is Photoelectric Liquid Level Sensor Working Principle?

- Dec 13, 2019-

Firstly, install a near infrared light emitting diode and a photosensitive receiver in the liquid level detection sensor equipment. Light will refract to prism of the sensor. If the liquid cannot be detected, the light emitted by the diode will be refract back to the receiver from the direct lens.If liquid immersion is detected, the light emitted by the diode will be refracted into the liquid, receiver show little or no light.The sensor will send different electric signals with or without water in the container. After receiving induction signal, receiver can drive the internal electrical switches to start the external alarm or control the circuit.

Photoelectric liquid level sensor functions:


Install the photoelectric sensor at the bottom of the device (or any other position where this function can be realized). When the water level in the device is lower than the sensor, the sensor will indicate signal of water shortage, so the device will stop working and enter the state of adding water automatically.After installed it, when the water is added to a certain position, the photoelectric liquid level sensor will also give a signal, thereafter the equipment stop adding water to prevent water overflow.

1. When the sensor detects that the device is out of water or less than 20%, it will indicate alarm signal

2. When the water of your device rises to a certain position, it will indicate signal and alarm

3. When detected no water in the container or less than 20%, it will indicate signal to the device to add water automatically\

Advantages of photoelectric level sensors:

The liquid level detection sensor of EPT technology is developed with simple structure and without mechanical components.

It providing high precision detection function and life up to 12 years.Our sensors do not need adjusting and can be installed directly and use it immediately. They have certain advantages in sensitivity, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low power consumption and volume. After professional testing, it has stable detect performance while low chemical properties appear.

Liquid level detection is high accurate, high repetition accuracy, fast speed response. All internal components of the photoelectric type snesors are treated with resin casting and sealing, it can meet waterproof standard IP67 and IP68. The photoelectric liquid level sensor of EPT technology including level sensors, flow sensors, tilt switch and photoelectric sensors etc. 

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