New Product-photoelectric Sensor

- Jun 05, 2020-

Good news! Our company newly launched the reflective photoelectric sensor-PS-IR16D. It is mainly used in non-contact hand sanitizer dispensers, hand dryers, etc. The working principle of the reflective photoelectric sensor: It comes with a light source and a light receiving device. The light emitted by the light source is received by the photosensitive element through the reflection of the object to be measured, and then the required information is obtained through the processing of the relevant circuit. Mainly used to detect the presence of objects.


1. Easy installation and wiring  

2. It is easy to align the optical path during installation and use  

3. Not affected by the shape, color and material of the test object  

4. Compared with the through-beam photoelectric sensor, it saves installation and usage space

5. The detection distance range can be customized.


Install the IR sensor, and then connect it according to the following circuit. The signal terminal will output a voltage signal consistent with the condition of the object to be controlled. When the object to be controlled is close to the sensor, the signal output is high voltage signal. When away from the sensor, the signal output is low voltage signal at this time, the specific parameters are shown in the table below.