New Product – Load Cell

- Apr 04, 2020-

In order to meet the demands of the home appliance market, our company recently launched a new product-load cells. It works by converting forces such as tension, compression, pressure or torque into electrical signals that can be measured and standardized. As the force applied to the load cell increases, the electrical signal changes proportionally. The load cell material includes the following parts: strain gauge material, elastomer material, patch adhesive material, sealant material, lead sealing material and lead material. Strain gauge is the sensing part of the load cell. It converts the magnitude of external force into electrical quantity output. It is the most important component of the sensor. The commonly used strain gauge substrate is a polymer film material, and the strain material is usually high purity constantan.

Our load cell is mainly used in the home appliance industry, such as coffee machines, water dispensers, aromatherapy machines, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, etc. It can replace liquid level sensors and flow meters, and is not affected by temperature, liquid detection, etc. The accuracy of load cell is high.

Features are as follows:

1) Automatically in sleep mode.

2) IIC interface.

3) Low Power Consumption.

4) 24-bit resolution Delta-Sigma A/D converter.

5) The sensor itself satisfies RoHS requirements.

Please consult us if you have any interest.