Main Properties Of Ultrasonic Liquid Level Sensor

- May 03, 2019-

The ultrasonic sensor, a compound vibrator, is flexibly fixed on the base. The composite vibrator is a combination of a resonator and a bi-piezoelectric wafer element vibrator consisting of a metal sheet and a piezoelectric ceramic sheet. The resonator is horn-shaped. The purpose of the resonator is to effectively radiate the ultrasonic wave generated by vibration, and to effectively gather the ultrasonic wave in the central part of the vibrator.

Ultrasound sensors for outdoor use must be well sealed to prevent the invasion of dew, rain and dust. The piezoelectric ceramics are fixed on the top and inside of the metal box body. The base is fixed at the opening end of the box body and covered with resin. For the ultrasonic sensor used in industrial robots, the accuracy of the sensor should be up to 1 mm, and it has strong ultrasonic radiation.