Level Sensor Of Automatic Hand Sanitizer Without Contact Detection

- Apr 30, 2020-

Automatic hand sanitizers are usually machines installed in public places. Which is also called automatic dispensers. As a high-tech sanitary product, compared with the traditional manual soap dispenser, it can effectively avoid cross infection during use.


Compared with the traditional hand-pressed liquid dispenser, the automatic hand sanitizer automatically controls the liquid discharge, so the casing is usually made of non-transparent material, which is more beautiful.

Because the outer case usually uses a non-transparent material, it is impossible to see whether there is no liquid in the container. If manual detection is used, it will be very troublesome. If the soap dispensers with non-transparent material is installed in hospitals, stations large areas, liquid detection is very time-consuming. If the liquid level sensor is used for detection, it can detect whether there is a lack of liquid in real time, and give a signal reminder when the liquid level reaches the set liquid line. At this time, if the automatic hand sanitizer is connected to the cloud background, the administrator can check which area of the machine is lacking liquid through the computer, etc., and then can add liquid or replace the container.

Capacitive liquid level sensor is a non-contact liquid level sensor with small volume. The following is a comparison of the EPT capacitive sensor and a dollar coin, as well as other capacitive liquid level sensors on the market.


Capacitive liquid level sensor has high reliability and non-contact detection, so the corrosiveness of liquid has no effect on the sensor. For example, the liquid contained in the automatic liquid dispenser is a disinfectant, and a capacitive type can also be used. And compared with other float type liquid level sensors, electrode type liquid level sensors, etc., which need to make holes in the container and the container cannot move, the capacitive liquid level sensor does not need to contact the liquid, so the container can move arbitrarily.

The sensitivity of the capacitive liquid level sensor is high, and we have adopted a customized sensitivity method for each customer to achieve higher accuracy and reliability. Capacitive liquid level sensor also has the characteristics of simple installation process and long life. It is suitable for automatic liquid dispensers for various types of liquid, gel disinfectants and hand sanitizers.