Is Drinking Water Healthy In The Morning?

- Nov 01, 2019-

It is not necessary to drink water in the morning because some people think they are dehydrated because their urine seems to be very thick. Dark urine does not always indicate the body's moisture content.

A recent study analyzed the different hydration status and fluid intake of 164 healthy adults. Although the water intake increased during the first few hours after waking, their hydration levels were not significantly affected. It only shows that although the urine is light, people may still be deficient in water even if they drink water in the morning.

Therefore, as long as you feel thirsty, drink the right amount of pure water. Thirst is the feeling that your body feels when it needs water. This feeling can happen throughout the day, not just in the morning. How to ensure the purity of water? We want to make sure that the storage tank is clean. Using a separate photoelectric level sensor will not hide the bacteria and ensure that the drinking water from the tank is clean and healthy.

Another study shows that drinking water can increase the metabolic rate of adults by 24% to 30%, thereby reducing weight. In addition, only about 48 calories are consumed per day by drinking water.

Although these are scientifically correct, there is no evidence that these results are limited to drinking water in the morning.