Introducation Of Indoor Thermometer Water Level Controller

- Dec 04, 2020-

  1. Function of LED Screen display

    1)Real time water level

    2)Room Temperature

    3)High level/Low level

    4)Temperature near the sensor

  2. Function of Alarm:

    High level/Low level beeps 120s, click any button to stop beeping.


  3. Our upgraded ultrasonic water level sensor (with 2m wire) is dual-probe, 0.5cm-2m measuring range. It can be used in household water tank to detect water level conveniently. Communication interface of this sensor is RS485 and UART.


  4. Features of ultrasonic water level sensor

    1)adapt to strong acid, alkali, salt, high temperature occasions

    2)no mechanical moving parts, high reliability

    3)smart failure protection and diagnostic echo are easy to troubleshoot

    4)waterproof grade: IP65

    5)comply with ROHS requirements