Integrated Single-point Photoelectric Glass Stainless Steel Water Level Sensor

- Dec 22, 2020-

FS-IR2003D glass stainless steel level sensor can be used in many fields, especially for civil use. This product has no mechnical moving components and with high reliability. It has strong corrosion resistance, high liquid level control precision and can be installed from any direction. FS-IR2003D (for civil use ) satisfies ROHS requirements. And its waterproofing standard is IP68.


Recommended Application Circuit



  1. If the output signal of the sensor connected to an external inductive load, it must Parallel IN5819 Schottky diodes, or the chip may be burnt out.

  2. The load current can't be over 500mA, or the interval drive triode will be destoryed by over-current.

  3. When drawing PCB layout, there should be an 0R resistance between DGND and GND.

  4. When the PGND current is too big, connecting it to GND can't avoid the influence on sensor, then the sensor need to be powered independently. The output signal is suggest to be Optocoupler drive.


Install level sensor according to one of the mentined modes and connect it according to above circuit, the signal end will output voltage signal consistent with the water level, the signal will be accessed to MCU or I/O port. When the level is over the critical level and the sensor body is submerged, output signal is low votage; When the level is below the critical level and the sensor body is exposed, output signal is high voltage. Please refer to specific parameters as above table.


  1. In the long-term of using, the surface of the sensor is dirty due to liquid impurities, slight dirt will not affect the performance of the sensor. If dirt would cover all the surface of sensor, please inform us the particularity in advance, our technical department can optimize the treatment.

  2. The sensor will be effected when exposed to direct sunlight. Please install it away from direct     sunlight.