Inductive No-hand Wash! Successfully Installed 305 Disinfection Equipment In Changsha Metro

- Apr 17, 2020-

Today, at the floor of the Wuyi Square Station in Changsha Metro, Ms. Liu put her hand under the no-handwash disinfectant equipment, and the equipment automatically sprayed out the disinfectant, and then rubbed it back and forth a few times without touching the equipment throughout the journey. A total of 305 such inductive hand-disinfectant equipment’s have been installed in 65 stations of 4 rail transit lines (including the maglev express line) in Changsha. At the same time, 81 abnormal temperature observation points have been installed.


In order to ensure the safety of subway operation under the situation of orderly resumption of production and production in the city, Changsha Rail Group upgraded the hand washing and disinfection equipment of all stations to automatic induction disinfection devices. Passengers put their hands under the equipment and the equipment can automatically spray disinfectant to avoid passengers. The hand is in direct contact with the device.

Generally, such automatic induction disinfection equipment has a liquid level detection function. If your application also requires liquid level detection, please feel free to consult us.