How To Repair The Water Flow Sensor?

- Dec 05, 2019-

Common troubleshooting methods for water flow sensors is following:

1) The accumulated value of the water flow sensor was found to be less than the actual value during use. First, you must check whether the installation position is high, otherwise you must modify the pipeline.

2) If there is no display during operation, you should check the power supply and contact parts etc.

3) After running for a period of time, it is found that the instantaneous value jumps too much, and the cumulative amount are obviously small, you should check whether the grounding at both ends of the cable is good.

4) After running for a period of time, the cumulative amount is small, but the instantaneous value is stable or it is zero. At this time, you should check the process equipment problems, that is, whether the flow is too small due to equipment failure.

5) If the displayed value of the flow changes abnormally and irregularly, it may be that the flow medium contains ferromagnetic substances or there is a strong magnetic field nearby; you should regularly inspect and open the cover to check. When the electrode is not tightly sealed, it will leak liquid and damage the circuit board. Attention should be paid to it.

6) If water flow sensor has a display value but an error. You should close the valve when the power is on, make the flow equal to zero, measure the "reference voltage", and then compare it with the data when the instrument is shipped.