What is Solutions for Level Sensors in Intelligent Restaurants

- Dec 19, 2019-

As technology develop rapidly, the intelligent products have gradually spread in our life, and the catering industry has also ushered in new transformations and challenges. Not speculation, but should be the result of conforming to the development of the times. Its emergence should not just be to satisfy consumers' psychology, but also to allow more companies or franchisees to find new and reasonable survival advantages. The intelligent restaurant without people service. It means in this restaurant, from the preparation of food to the platter and serving, all are completed by intelligent robots. The restaurant guests only need to use the system's man-machine according to personal preference Order freely on the interactive interface.

Since there is no people involved, how do we control this amount when cooking food, like we ourselves control the amount of water injection manually when cooking porridge and cooking, and also control cup volume and selling drinks . In many intelligent restaurants, the above problems are solved by various intelligent systems, such as a boiler that automatically injects water and porridge.This can easily control the total amount of food by installing two liquid level switches provided by the EPT company on the periphery of the boiler.

As shown in the figure, the positions of the highest and lowest liquid levels and the total rice required for porridge are determined in advance according to the actual needs. Then our level switch is installed in order. After starting the system, it will automatically enter the porridge boiler. Fill a certain amount of water. When the water level reaches the position of the high liquid level, the liquid level switch will send an alarm signal when contacting water critical point, and then react it to the system control center to stop injecting water. On the contrary, when the intelligent system starts to serve the porridge to the guests, the amount of food in the boiler has been decreasing. When the total amount has reached the point where the minimum liquid level is located, the level switch installed at that position will transmit a signal request to the operation system. Stop serving porridge. Generally speaking, the whole process of porridge cooking is controlled in real time by the system.

Strong anti-corrosion photoelectric liquid level switch FS-IR1901D, FS-IR1903D this products are installed from the outside to the inside, not only has a simple structure and is easy to install, the power supply range is wide, the user is free to choose, the low power consumption, low cost and durable.

If it is not convenient to clean the appliance, the best choice of a level switch is installed from the inside to the outside, then only a small probe will be exposed in the measurement environment without leaving any threads or wiring. It is more convenient to do cleaning, and it is not easy to breed bacteria, such as model FS-IR82,FS-IR02 etc.

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