EPT New Developed Water Level Controller

- Dec 29, 2020-

Ultrasonic level sensor connects controller

Smart TLC-2001

Ultrasonic level sensor can connect controller and pump

Smart TLC-2102

They are different functions but they both can detect liquid level in real time. Our ultrasonic level sensor is dual-probe. Dual-probe can detect in high precission and shorter blind zone.

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Ultrasonic level sensor can attain 5cm-2.5m measuring range. And the communication interface can be RS485 or UART.

For controller, the functions are more attractive.

1)can detect liquid in real time.

2)can show the room temperature

3)can show the time

4)can show temperature near the sensor

5)can show high level and low level


New developed products can endure 85℃ external sense of temperature.

We can customize functions for you according to your reqauirements. Welcome to share us your thoughts about the products. Now what are you waiting for?