COVID-19 Accelerates Iteration Of Home Appliance Industry

- Apr 03, 2020-

Since the discovery of Corona Virus for more than two months, the home appliance industry has been greatly affected due to restricted travel and reduced store flow. However, there has been a conspicuous growth in the subdivision of home appliances. According to Suning platform data, the sales of a variety of healthy sterilizing appliances increased by more than 200%, and the sales of wall-mounted fresh air and systems increased by 1500% year-on-year. Aowei Cloud Network released a report that sterilizing washing machines, sterilizing cabinets, air purifiers, sterilizing mops, sterilizing dishwashers and other sterilizing and sterilizing products did not decrease, but even out of stock.

Industry insiders said that behind the adverse growth of health appliances, consumers' preference for sterilization and disinfection functions under Corona Virus situations, and more reflective of changes in consumer health concepts. In the short term, consumers' attention to disinfection and sterilization functions will make hot-selling home appliances with healthy functions become the consumption growth point of the recent home appliance industry. In the long run, health appliances will become the key to the adjustment of the industry's product structure. Driven by the upgrading of quality consumption, the industry will be reshuffled.

Take the air-conditioning category as an example. As a household appliance that regulates indoor temperature, the emergence of air conditioners first meets people's needs for summer cooling and winter heating. With people's concern about air quality issues such as smog and PM2.5, the demand for air conditioners with fresh air and purification functions has rapidly increased, and air purifiers and fresh air conditioners have become new consumption growth points. In the current COVID-19 situation, sterilization and disinfection have become the key to indoor healthy air. How to change from a "temperature regulator" to a "healthy air conditioner" is the next expectation of consumers for air conditioning upgrades.