Brief Introduction Of Photoelectric Hydraulic Sensor

- Jun 09, 2019-

Photoelectric liquid level sensor is a new type of contact point liquid level measurement and control device based on the principle that light reflects and refracts at the interface of two different media. It has many advantages such as simple structure, high positioning accuracy, no mechanical parts, no debugging, high sensitivity and corrosion resistance, less power consumption, small size and so on, which are gradually recognized by the market.

1. Because the output of liquid level is only related to whether the photoelectric probe contacts the liquid level or not, and has nothing to do with other characteristics of the medium, such as temperature, pressure, density, electricity and other parameters, the photoelectric liquid level sensor has accurate detection and high repetition accuracy, fast response, very accurate liquid level control, and no need to adjust, it can be directly installed and used.

2. Because the probe of photoelectric liquid level sensor is relatively compact, it can be separately installed in a narrow space for special tanks or containers. In addition, a number of photoelectric probes can be installed on a measuring body to make multi-point liquid level sensors and controllers.

3. The photoelectric liquid level sensor has high reliability, long life and maintenance-free because all the components inside the sensor are sealed with resin, and there are no mechanical moving parts inside the sensor.