Application Of Optical Stainless Steel Water Level Sensor In Urban Water Conservancy

- Jan 13, 2021-

  The long-term and complex problems faced by urban water conservancy. The emergence of urban water problems is the result of the interaction of natural and social factors. The geographical environment of each city is different, and the scale, structure, function, political and economic status of the city, and the stage of urban development are different, which determine the obvious differences in the water problems faced by each city.
The advancement of overall urban water conservancy planning. The problem of urban water is a developing problem. Therefore, in the planning stage of urban water conservancy, it is necessary to consider how to deal with the evolving trend of water problems in urban development, and how to meet the water control needs of urban development in the future.

For industrial use optical stainless steel water level switch


Product features:

  1. No mechanical moving components and with high reliability

  2. Strong corrosion resistance

  3. High liquid level control precision and can be installed from any direction

  4. The sensor itself satisfies RoHS requirements

  5. Waterproofing standard IP67

We have upgraded stainless steel water level sensor. Now stainless steel + glass water level sensor is widely used in industry. Now this product is strong corrosion resistance. The pressure range is -1~170 bar. It can withstand pressure better. In water treatment field, stainless steel+ glass water level switch is more suitable. It is not only be used in water treatment field, but also in other fields. Such as:
Petrochemical, Fuel metallurgy, Light industry monitoring, food processing and so on.