Application Of Liquid Level Sensor In The Drone Medicine Box

- Dec 06, 2019-

As an important part of modern agriculture and an important symbol reflecting the level of agricultural modernization, the plant protection drone combines drone helicopter technology with pesticide application technology, has a small size, does not require a dedicated airport, is flexible to operate, and can take off and land on the field. The downward cyclone can improve the effectiveness of the medicine, etc., to improve the level of mechanization of crop diseases and insect pests in China, implement specialized services for unified control, improve the utilization of agricultural resources, and enhance the ability to prevent and control sudden large-area diseases and insect pests. The shortage of rural labor, enhancing agricultural anti-risk capabilities, ensuring national food security, ecological security, and achieving sustainable agricultural development are of great significance. At present, more and more attention from all sectors of society. Let me introduce the application of the liquid level sensor in the liquid level monitoring of the plant protection drone medicine tank.


The medicine box is a key component of the plant protection drone operation. During the operation, the medicine amount in the medicine box is dynamically changed. At the same time, the medicine box amount is an important information that the ground flight controller always pays attention to. The flight controller can Adjust the flight control strategy of the plant protection drone according to the medicine amount of the medicine box, especially in the over-the-horizon flight and automatic driving flight operations, the optimal combination of the medicine amount and the battery power or the fuel, and the medicine box after the medicine amount is exhausted Breakpoints, such as battery life, need to keep track of the medicine box's medicine quantity information at all times, otherwise it will be prone to frequent takeoffs and landings, large battery loss, low operating efficiency, and leakage. It is necessary to monitor the liquid amount of the plant protection drone medicine box. At present, the liquid level monitoring of common plant protection drone pesticide boxes is inseparable from the application of liquid level sensor technology.

The liquid level sensor is a common sensor for measuring the liquid level position, which can convert the height of the position into an electrical signal for output. As a liquid level control device with a simple structure and convenient use, the liquid level sensor does not need to provide power, nor does it have a complicated circuit, and is smaller in size than a general mechanical switch and has a long working life. At present, it is widely used in liquid level monitoring equipment in the plant protection industry. Common liquid level sensors include float-type liquid level sensors and non-contact liquid level sensors. During use, both liquid level sensors are equally accurate and convenient. The liquid level signal measured by the liquid level sensor can be sent to a terminal device such as a mobile phone APP by wireless communication, so as to accurately record the drug breaking point.


However, when installing a float-type liquid level sensor on a plant protection drone pesticide box, it is necessary to perform a hole installation and install the sensor in the middle of the medicine box. It must also extend to the bottom of the medicine barrel. The specific gravity is greater than that of the float. In addition, because of its structural design, the floating ball type liquid level sensor is prone to seizure, so it cannot be used to detect viscous liquids. Liquids containing impurities will also cause the floating ball to seize.


The non-contact liquid level sensor only uses advanced signal processing technology and high-speed signal processing chip to break through the influence of the container wall thickness and realize the true non-contact detection of the liquid level in the closed container. In plant protection operations, which type of liquid level gauge should be used depends on the specific situation.
On the other hand, the plant protection drone medicine box has the characteristics of severe liquid level shaking during operation, different physical and chemical characteristics of the medicine solution, small space of the medicine box and high requirements for anti-corrosion. Traditional liquid level monitoring methods have many limitations in order to achieve level detection, we recommend EPTsensor optical level sensor FS-IR1902.


As we all know, the photoelectric level measurement method is based on the principle of optical total reflection and refraction, and uses a high or low signals to measure the liquid level. The measuring device contains a near-infrared light-emitting diode and a photosensitive receiver. The light emitted by the light-emitting diode is directed to the lens on the top of the sensor. When the lens is not in contact with the liquid, the light emitted by the light-emitting diode directly approaches the total reflection back to the receiver; When the liquid level immerses the lens of the photoelectric liquid level measuring device, the light is refracted into the liquid, so that the receiver cannot receive or can only receive a small amount of light. The photoelectric liquid level measuring device judges whether the sensor probe is in contact with the liquid.