Stainless Steel Liquid Indicator

1) PSU material
2) 5~30V working voltage
3) Satisfies RoHS , FDA, CE and CQC requirements
4) Easy to install 5) Corrosion and high temperature resistance
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Stainless Steel Liquid Indicator

The Stainless Steel Liquid Indicator FS-IR1909B has the following features: PSU material, no mechanical moving components and with high reliability, strong corrosion resistance, high liquid level control precision, easy to install, satisfies RoHS , FDA, CE and CQC requirements, waterproofing standard IP68.

Its working principle is: the light from the light-emitting diodes inside the photoelectric level sensor is directed into a lens on top of the sensor. When there is no liquid, the light from the LED is reflected directly from the lens back to the receiver. When there is water, light is refracted into the liquid, so that the receiver cannot receive or can only receive a small amount of light.



Supply Voltage: 5~30V

Current: <15 mA

Power consumption: <420mW

Response time: <200mS

Operating temperature: -20~85℃

Storage temperature: -40~100℃

Waterproofing standard: IP68

Material: stainless steel

Feature: Strong corrosion resistance

Customized: customized

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