Stainless Steel Level Probe Sensor

1) High accuracy and reliability
2) High temperature resistance
3) Compact, rugged design for easy installation
4) Strong corrosion resistance
5) IP rating IP68
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Stainless Steel Level Probe Sensor


1. Accurate liquid level detection, high repeatability, quick response.

2. High reliability, long lifetime, maintenance-free.

3. Free debugging, free check, direct installation.

4. Strong ability of adaptation.

5. Adapt to special container installation.


Working Voltage: 5~25V

Current: <15 mA

Power consumption: <360Mw

Response time: <1S

Operating temperature: -20~85℃

Storage temperature: -40~95℃

Working life: 50000hrs

Pressure range: -10~80bar

Output signal: digital signal

Customized: customized

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