Optical Level Indicator

1) Refraction theory.
2) The performance of level sensor will not be affected by pressure, temperature, density, corrosive and other factory.
3) Has a little effect on the measured medium.
4) High reliability.
5) Long working life.
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The optical level indicator FS-IR12-PC-N refracts the infrared light emitted by the internal transmitting tube, and judges whether the sensor is in a water state according to the amount of photoelectric light received by the internal receiver. If only a small amount of light is received or is not received because the light is refracted in the water, it is judged to have a water state. Photoelectric type is affected by the working principle because it is infrared light, but has nothing to do with factors such as pressure, temperature, density, corrosivity, etc., and has little effect on the measured medium. Because of high repeatability and high detection accuracy, it has the characteristics of high reliability and long life.




· Super cleaning equipment

· Medical equipment

· Milk liquid leak detection

· Laboratory liquid insulation equipment

· Food and beverage equipment

· Home appliances

· Vending machines



1.In practical application, taking into consideration of the influence of steam and dirt, the liquid level threshold voltage is set as V T , that is, if the output voltage of signal end is higher than V T , the liquid level is decided to be lower than the critical liquid level; and if the output

voltage of signal end is lower than V T , the liquid level is decided to be higher than the critical liquid level. V T is set between 0.3 and 0.5 V, and the specific value is determined by the generation speed of dirt.

2. Considering the fluctuation characteristics, if the fluctuation is large and the fluctuation range is more than 1MM, the anti-shake logic should be added to the program.

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