Level Control Sensor

1. Resin-filled, no moving part inside.
2. High precision, the precision can reach ±1mm.
3. Corrosion and high temperature resistance.
4. Food grade.
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Optical principle of the infrared liquid level sensor FS-IR02-PSU-N is highly reliable, and the interior is resin-filled so that there are no moving parts inside, which avoids the stuck of components similar to the mechanical float level sensor. Not only that, compared to traditional level sensor, infrared liquid level sensor has a higher precision, and the precision can reach ±1 mm, while the magnetic level gauge generally has an accuracy of ±3 mm or even higher. The housing material of FS-IR02-PSU-N is PSU, it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, it has little influence on the liquid to be tested, and meets food grade standards.


1) Corrosion and high temperature resistance.

2) Food grade water level sensor

3) Compact size, simple working principle.

4) Available with different materials.

5) The specifications can be changed in accordance with client’s requirements.

6) Imported components.

Application: water fountain, water dispenser, water cooler, air cooler, dehumidifier, coffee machine, coffee maker, water heater, water boiler, hydroponic system ,air condition, humidifier, bathroom equipment, sale machine, oil tank and chemical liquid level control. It will be widely applied in motor vehicles, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment and household appliances in the future.



FS-IR02-PSU-N level control sensor



Operating voltage

DC3.3 V~5 V

Operating current

16 mA

Operating Tem

-15~100 degree

Output signal in liquid

<0.5 V

Output signal in air

>4.8 V

Response time

<500 ms

Probe size

M 14

Product Dimension


Our Service

1. Short Delivery Time

On time delivery , 7 days for sample and 15 working days for bulk order

2. Quick Response

we will contact you within 12 hours as soon as we can. Whats app/ we-chat:+0086 18275742865,

3. Quality Control

Through strict quality control system and strong production capacity to provide customers with quality products.

4. Quality Guarantee

We offer 12 months warranty for all of our products and After-sale service for all of our clients.

5. OEM Business

OEM is available . Small order and mixed order is welcome as well.


1. Can You Accept OEM Brand For Water Level Sensor?

Yes, Level control sensor can accept OEM brand without extra charge.

2. Can You Offer Samples For Water Level Sensor?

Yes, you can apply for sample testing.

3. What Media Level Sensor Can Be Measured?

Water,If you need to measure the oil level and corrosive medium, please let us know, our engineers will give you recommend the right product.

4. Warranty=? For FS-IR02-PSU-N Water Level Sensor

12 months (option 18 months)

5. How Long Will You Give Me The Reply?

we will contact you in 12 hours as soon as we can.


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