Food Grade Milk Tank Level Sensor

1) Food grade level sensor.
2) Infrared theory.
3) Analog signal output.
4) Low voltage.
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Product Details

Working theory

The Food Grade Milk Tank Level Sensor with 3.5 plug is a device used to sense the level of liquid in a tank. There is a board in the plastic housing. When the liquid level rises, it drives the prism, level switch will output low voltage signal. When the liquid level falls, infrared level control will output high voltage signal.



Product Application

This Food Grade Milk Tank Level Sensor with 3.5 plug can be used to monitor liquid level in watering machine, water heater, solar energy, air conditioner, vending machine, hot and cold water dispenser, Humidifier, dehumidifier, fluid control, a pump, alarm device, moisturizing machine , bathroom utensil , oil tank , water tower and chemical industrial ,etc. And widely applied in motor vehicles, industrial equipment, agricultural equipment and household electrical appliances in the future.

Application case:

There is usually a water tank inside the coffee machine for making coffee. Some coffee machines have two water tanks inside, one tank is used to supply water to the other tank. The FS-IR12B is installed at the bottom and height of the water tank. When there is no water in the tank, the photoelectric level sensor FS-IR12B gives a signal, and the pump turns on to pump the water from the other tank. When the water level is full, the liquid level sensor at a high place gives a signal to stop power supply, and the pump stops adding water.


Compared to float level switch


Product details






Packing & delivery



Question:  What are your main products?

Answer: We mainly focus on infrared water liquid level sensor, flow sensor, tip over switch. We ensure a reasonable price and high quality products.

Question: Where is your company?

Answer: We are a factory based in Shenzhen, Guangdong, China. All of our products are safely manufactured according to CE, ISO9001 and RoHs principles, and carefully checked before packed.

Question:  What are the available materials for water level sensor?

Answer: Plastic PP, PSU

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