Multi-point Level Switches

Up to 8 switching points on a single sensor.
Sturdy structure.
Explosion-proof design.
Length up to 117mm.
Infrared photoelectric principle.
High precision.
PWM, UART or frequency signal types for your choose.
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Product Details

Product description

D2LS series multi-point photoelectric liquid level switch is a simple and reliable method to detect liquid level. The multi-point unit provides a low-cost method to monitor multiple liquid level points inside a storage tank or sump. The D8LS unit is a self-defining length and can be configured with "up to 8" independent switch activation levels.

D8LS liquid level switch products provide eight control points, which are located at any position on a single vertically inserted liquid level sensing element. A control point can be set for differential measurement for pump control. This product is most suitable for sump level control and batch processing.


The device consists of a circuit board with a phototransistor and a PC housing with a prism. The switch can give a signal at each switch point. The switch point is fixed on the circuit board to ensure reliable and repeatable operation. These features make the D8LS multipoint level switch ideal for alarm and pump control in a variety of remote applications.

Key Features

Up to 8 switching points on a single sensor

Sturdy structure

Explosion-proof design

Length up to 117mm


Infrared photoelectric principle

High precision

PWM, UART or frequency signal types for your choose


Maximum voltage: 5VDC

Current: 15mA

Signal: PWM, UART, frequency

Thread size: M25*2 standard

Shell material: PC or PSU

Shell length: 117mm

Maximum temperature: 85 degrees


  • Level alarms

  • Pump control

  • Automatic filling or emptying


  • Water

  • Chemicals (PSU material)

  • Fuels (PSU material)

Size drawing:



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