Water Level Controller Float Switch

Water Level Controller Float Switch FL-IR03 is composed of magnetic spring switch and floater.
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Water Level Controller Float Switch FL-IR03 is composed of magnetic spring switch and floater.  
The floater will trigger the magnetic spring switch as the level of the liquid tested movesup and down, and thus detecting the position of the liquid level. 

The reed switch relies on two basic scientific principles namely: buoyancy and magnetism. Buoyancy causes the float (which contains a magnet) to rise with the liquid and magnetism helps open and close the switch.Since this product's this product has been introduced to the market, it has seen significant improvement and advances with  regards to convenience, safety and lowering costs. The float switches are extremely compact, simple and are easy to install on any small locations. These switches are not affected by electrical interference and can withstand chemicals, high temperatures and pressures if the correct material of float switch is selected.



Float sensor, Float switch, Float level switch

connected mode

Normal open

maximum capacity


maximum open magnetic current


min insulation resistance


using fields

water float sensors are widely used in liquid level
detection, signal remote transmission, switch alarm of household
electrical appliances, environmental protection air conditioners, humidifiers, water equipments, inkjet printers, medical equipments, beverage equipments etc..


Liquid level sensors used imported components and is provided with characteristics such as compact size ,simple working principle, highly reliable and inexpensive.Floating balls with different materials and specifications are available for selection .Electrical parameters can be changed in accordance with client's requirement,and special specification can also be customized.

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2. The product label is torn;

3. Unauthorized disassembly of the product casing and disassembly of the components;

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