Ultrasonic Liquid Level Switch

Transmitter low battery indicator.
Tank level updated 30s or 3 minutes.
All alarm ON/OFF option system.
TANK empty alert.
Records min. and max. for indoor and tank temperature/level.
TANK level high/low alarm mode.
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The ultrasonic liquid level measuring can display the maximum and minimum values, display the water tank water level and depth, and the minimum liquid level is automatically alarmed. Low battery display. Display room temperature, liquid temperature. The detecting distance range is up to 15m, the dead distance is 60cm.


Transmitter low battery indicator
Tank level updated 30s or 3 minutes

All alarm ON/OFF option system
TANK empty alert

Records min. and max. for indoor and tank temperature/level
TANK level high/low alarm mode

12/24 hour time display
Time alarm
Indoor temperature
Tank temperature
Monitors water tank level
Level displayed on a 10 element LCD bar graph for water level
Records min. and max. for indoor and tank temperature/level


  1. Time:0:00-23:59 (default: 0:00)

  2. 12HR/24HR format:(default: 24HR)

  3. Temperature unit:ºC/ºF (default: ºC)

  4. Water level:meter/feet (default: m)

  5. TANK LEVEL/TANK TEMP display: (default: TANK TEMP)

  6. Alarm set:0:00-23:59 (default: 12:00, disable)

  7. Water level HI-alarm:0 - 15m(0 feet -49.2 feet)(default: 10m, OFF)

  8. Water level LO-alarm:0 - 15m(0 feet -49.2 feet)(default: 2m, OFF)


Transmission distance: max.100 metres (in open space)
Frequency: 433MHz
Indoor temperature range: 0 - 50°C,
Resolution: 1°C,
Tank temp measure range:-40 - 60°C,
Resolution: 1°C,
Water level measure range:0 - 15m,
Resolution: 0.01m,
Accurate: +/-0.03m
Alarm duration: 120 sec

Initial set up

First, insert the batteries into the wireless solar transmitter (6 X AAA) and then insert batteries immediately into the LCD display base unit (2 x AA). Once the batteries are in place, all segments of the LCD will light up briefly.



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