Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

-adapt to strong acid, alkali, salt, high temperature occasions.
-No mechanical moving parts, high reliability.
-Smart failure protection and diagnostic echo are easy to troubleshoot.
-Waterproof Grade:IP65.
-Comply with RoHS requirements.
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CSB-01-1 series Ultrasonic Level Transmitter, As shown in FIG. 3 below, the ultrasonic sensor Tx transmits ultrasonic waves reflected after encountering an obstacle received by the ultrasonic sensor Rx calculates the distance d of the obstacle according to Time-Of-Flight (TOF):d = (C x t)/2



adapt to strong acid, alkali, salt, high temperature occasions 
No mechanical moving parts, high reliability 
Smart failure protection and diagnostic echo are easy to troubleshoot 
Waterproof Grade:IP65 
Comply with RoHS requirements


Power Supply

DC 4.5 V-5.5 V


Normal State<20 mA,Resting State<1 mA


40 kHz

Operating Temp



IO Level

Measuring Range

5 cm – 0.8 m

Detection cycle

10 ms

Measuring Accuracy

4 mm

Measurement Tolerance

±(1%Reading+10 mm)

ESD Test

Satisfy EN 61000-4-2:2009 ESD test standard:CD±4 kV, 
AD±8 kV,Performance Level B

Blind Zone

<5 cm

NoteThe test tolerance will occur in the following three cases.


Product Dimension



-Liquids in Tank such as agriculture, water and sewage industries and other industries
-Solid in tank such as plaster , cement and . . . in Road industry and others
 -Input to telemetry systems


Q 1: What Is The IP Level For The CSB-01-1? 
It is IP 66. 

2: Can The CSB-01-1 Be Used For High Temperature Case? 
No, if more than 70℃, the CSB-01-1 maybe work out of control.

3: Is The CSB-01-1 With ATEX Certificate? 
No, it is qualified with CE , Rohs. But not with ATEX certificate. 

4: Can The CSB-01-1 Used To Measure Powder Height? 
Yes, If the powder is stable on the ground, not floating in air. It can measure. 

5: Can We Use The CSB-01-1 For Covered Container? 
Yes, it can work. But the user should drill hole at top.

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