5V Stainless Steel Level Transducer

1)5V output voltage
2) Analog signal output
3) Satisfies FDA requirements
4) High reliability and precision
5) High temperature and strong corrosion resistance
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5V Stainless Steel Level Transducer


The 5V Stainless Steel Level Transducer provides single point level detection via NPN or PNP output. It’s 5V analog signal output and can be used in electrical appliances requiring liquid-level control. It includes a 304 stainless steel housing and a high temperature resistant PSU prism material, so the device can be used directly in refrigeration systems as well as in the industrial industry.

Outline Drawing



1.In practical application, taking into consideration of the influence of steam and dirt, the liquid level threshold voltage is set as VT, that

is, if the output voltage of signal end is higher than VT, the liquid level is decided to be lower than the critical liquid level; and if the output

voltage of signal end is lower than VT, the liquid level is decided to be higher than the critical liquid level. VT is set the specific value is

determined by the generation speed of dirt.

2. Considering the fluctuation characteristics, if the fluctuation is large and the fluctuation range is more than 1MM, the anti-shake logic

should be added to the program.

3. In the long-term of using, the surface of the sensor is dirty due to liquid impurities, slight dirt will not affect the performance of the

sensor. If dirt would cover all the surface of sensor, please inform us the particularity in advance, our technical department can optimize

the treatment.

4. The sensor will be effected when exposed to direct sunlight. Please install it away from direct sunlight.





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