Why should the float level switch in the coffee machine be cleaned regularly?

- Jul 03, 2020-

Anyone who uses a coffee machine knows that we need to clean the coffee machine regularly, especially the coffee machine that uses a float-type water level switch. Because dirt on is easily produced if you use the float level sensor.

The float water level switch usually sets one or more reed switches (reed switches) in a sealed non-magnetic metal or plastic tube, and then fixes the float ball with a ring magnet in the relevant position. At the relevant position, the float floats up and down within a certain range, and the magnet in the float is used to attract the closing of the reed switch to generate a switching action, so that the function of sensing water level can be came true. The suction magnet will absorb impurities in the water, and after a long time, a layer of scale will form. Because of the loose structure of the float level sensor, it is difficult to clean. What harm is the scale to the human body?

The harm of scale is that it will react with hydrochloric acid in the human body to release calcium and magnesium ions and carbon dioxide, and calcium and magnesium ions are necessary substances to form stones. Carbon dioxide will cause discomfort such as flatulence.

How is scale formed? Generally, water contains calcium and magnesium ions as well as carbonate, bicarbonate and sulfate. When the water reaches a certain temperature, the calcium and magnesium ions are combined with acid radicals to form calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium sulfate and other precipitates, thereby forming scale.

The perennial scale deposit is harmful, so we regularly clean the float level switch of the coffee machine, but these issues such as scale will greatly reduce the customer's experience. How do we solve this problem completely?

If you replace the float switch with a photoelectric liquid level sensor, this issue can be solved. EPT's photoelectric water level switch uses a smooth crystal head, and cleaning is very simple, so you will no be worried about the scale issue. In addition to this, optical liquid level sensor has higher detection accuracy, which is up to ±0.5mm. However the precision of float type water level switch can only be controlled within ±3mm, From installation, the float type water level switch can only be installed on the upper and lower positions, which greatly limits the requirements of the product, and the EPT photoelectric water level switch can be installed on the upper, lower, side, and oblique directions.