Why need use photoelectric level sensor in Household Floor Scrubbers?

- Dec 24, 2020-

With the development of technology, household floor scrubbers are becoming more and more intelligent.

More and more people use household floor scrubbers because they have strong cleaning power, which greatly reduces the time spent on housework.

There are sewage recovery tanks and clean water tanks in household floor scrubbers that both need to detect the water level.

There are much dirt and particles in the sewage recovery tank.

If it is not cleaned for a long time which will easy to cause the sensor to malfunction. 

Therefore, need use sensors that are easy to clean and can avoid malfunctions.


The traditional float type liquid level sensor is not suitable for this application.

1. The magnetic magnet in the floating ball of the float sensor is easy to absorb impurities in the water to form scale, which is unsanitary.

2. And the water scale will increase the weight of the float to affect the accuracy of liquid level detection.

3. The structure of the  float sensor is complicated and loose, which is not easy to clean.


Use photoelectric water level sensors can solve these problems.

1. There are no magnetic parts, which can effectively avoid sensor failures caused by excessive water scale.

2. High precision, short response time and stable performance.

3. Simple structure, easy to clean.