Why is the accuracy of the float level switch so poor?

- Dec 06, 2019-

The main components of the float-type liquid level switch include a reed switch, a float ball and a magnet. The ring magnet is placed inside the float ball and can be moved as the float ball moves.


The accuracy and reliability of the float level switch will be greatly affected by external factors. This is because the float level switch is mechanical and uses the water level to rise and fall to drive the float to rise and fall. At the same time, the magnet will move with the float. When the magnet moves, it will drive the reed switch to open and close, so as to achieve the level control. Because of its mechanical operation principle and structural design, it is very susceptible to water level, temperature, scale, debris, liquid viscosity.

Situations such as scale are also caused by the magnet's easy adsorption of impurities in the water, and the scale will increase weight and the accuracy will be affected. And debris and liquid stickiness will cause the floating ball to jam and fail to operate. In addition, there are liquid level fluctuations and temperature will affect the operation of the floating ball switch. In the case of liquid level fluctuations, the floating ball will also move up and down. The temperature becomes low and becomes stiff, and the floating ball may be stuck.

The reason why the floating ball level switch floats easily is caused by its structural design and working principle, its reliability is low, it is difficult to solve it fundamentally, it can only be replaced with other types high reliable level switch. For example, you can use optical level sensor, because it uses the optical reflection principle that occurs when the switch head is exposed to the air (waterless state) and in the liquid (watered state) to output different signal. Therefore, it is not affected by external factors such as scale, pressure, temperature, magnetism, liquid color, viscosity, and particle impurities.

The direct sunlight problem that interferes with the photoelectric liquid level switch can be solved by changing the installation method or adding a hood. And for the scale problem or liquid level fluctuation, this does not affect the photoelectric liquid level switch, the scale problem can be solved by adjusting the software. It has the advantages of small size, simple installation process, small space required for installation, accurate positioning accuracy and etc.