Why choose a photoelectric tilt switch?

- Dec 12, 2019-

Why is it a layer of safety net? There are many types of tilt switchs, such as bead switches, ball switches, upside-down switches and angle sensors etc. This type of tilt switch mainly uses the ball to change with different tilt angles in the switch to achieve the purpose of the trigger circuit. In this way, when our appliances are tilted too much, they will use balls to cut off the circuit to protect the appliances from accidental fire.

Existing tilt switches on the market include mechanical, mercury, electronic, and photoelectric tilt switches. Photoelectric tilt switch is one of the safest switches at present. For example, vertical air conditioners, electric fans, heaters, oil heaters and other electrical appliances all use photoelectric anti-fall protection switches.

Why choose a photoelectric tilt switch? Because it is small in size, light in weight, easy to install, its tilting angle and recovery angle are high in accuracy, good in reliability, and longer in life. Compared with mercury tilt switch, maybe the price of mercury is even cheaper. photoelectric tilt switch can not only achieve the effect of mercury tilt switch, but also has no environmental protection and safety issues. It seems that safety is more important!

The photoelectric tilt switch is mainly used in some electronic products that need to change the tilt angle. It is mainly used to protect electrical appliances and make our lives safer. EPTSENSOR has two photoelectric types, one is horizontally mounted cylindrical, and the other is vertically mounted U-shaped. They differ mainly in terms of angle, installation method, and size.

The installation process of the photoelectric tilt switch is simple. It can be directly installed on the PCB board without any damage during welding. The accuracy of the dumping and recovery angle is high, and the error of the high and low level switching angle can be controlled within ± 5 °. Compared with other electronic tilt switches, it has strong anti-vibration ability in the horizontal and vertical directions, without friction, oxidation problems, and the ambient temperature and humidity have no effect on the signal output voltage. Compared with the existing tilt switch, it has smaller volume, higher reliability, long life and no hidden dangers.