Why can't the optical level switch directly replace the tank float switch?

- Feb 22, 2020-

The float type liquid level sensor has two wires, and it mainly works by the principle of water with electricity and no water power. The float type liquid sensor can also be called float liquid switch.


The optical level switch judges the liquid level according to the total amount of light received. The output is high and low level signals, so in addition to the positive and negative two lines, there is another signal line. Therefore, some optical level switches cannot directly replace the float level sensor, and the circuit needs to be changed.

In addition to this disadvantage, the optical level switch can directly replace the floating ball liquid level sensor in function. Not only that, the accuracy and reliability of the optical level switch is much higher than that of the floating ball type liquid level sensor, and it has many advantages for replacing the floating ball type liquid level sensor.

The optical level switch uses the optical principle, which is less affected by external factors and has little influence on the measured liquid. When the sensor head uses food and materials, it can reach food-grade standards. The floating ball type does not work. Even if the material meets food-grade standards, its design structure is too loose and complicated, and it is bulky and difficult to clean. It will easily produce scale and dirt after use for a period of time, which is unhygienic.

The optical level switch is very small, and the installation process is extremely simple. Usually only a hole is needed, and then the sensor is screwed on the container. The more complicated one is only fixed by two screws after the hole, which can effectively save installation time. The float-type liquid level sensor occupies a large space and has a complicated installation process.

When the tank float switch is replaced with a optical type level switch, the control accuracy will be more accurate, and the repeat accuracy will be higher. The liquid level accuracy can be controlled within 1mm. The floating ball is because the accuracy of the sensor is 3mm up and down, and the tolerance range is 6 mm. This is not suitable for some equipment that requires precise level control, and it also affects the end-user's sense of use.

In terms of comprehensive accuracy, reliability, hygiene, installation process, etc., replacing the tank float switch with a optical level switch can make the product performance better and give customers a better experience. And the photoelectric level sensor has the characteristics of no commissioning and maintenance, and low after-sales maintenance costs. If you have any problems in replacing the float level sensor and changing the circuit, you can contact us and we will provide engineer to offer the right solution.