Which level sensor can be used to remind the lack of liquid hand sanitizer?

- May 29, 2020-

Function of intelligent hand sanitizer: Automatically supply soap liquid. When the hand sanitizer senses hands, it can automatically and accurately provide soap liquid, which can effectively control waste.

This type of hand sanitizer only needs to add a level sensor inside to detect whether there is a liquid shortage inside, which is more intelligent.

The photoelectric liquid level sensor can accurately detect the liquid level, and the detection accuracy can reach ± 1mm.

EPT's photoelectric through-beam level sensor is not a structure where the transmitting end and the opposite end are separated, but the transmitting and receiving are built into a structure to form a sensor, and the installation process is more convenient.

EPT's photoelectric through-beam level sensor uses the principle of infrared counter-shooting. When there is no liquid, the internal transmitter emits light and the light is transmitted to the receiver. When there is a liquid state, the light is cut off, and it is determined that the sensor is in a liquid state at this time.

If the level sensor is installed under the hand sanitizer bottle, it will output a signal when no liquid is detected, and the device will remind the user to add liquid after receiving the signal.

In addition, the hand sanitizer can also use a capacitive liquid level sensor, a load cell, etc.