What should we pay attention to when using a hall sensor flow meter?

- Dec 21, 2019-

Hall flowmeter, a hall sensor flow meter based on displacement sensing. The impeller rotates under the impetus of the fluid, which drives the screw to rotate, causing the magnetic system to move up and down. The higher the velocity, the greater the displacement. The Hall device was used to detect the displacement to obtain the flow rate and flow.

Features of EPT hall sensor flow meter:
1. Small size, light weight, easy to install.
2. can sense the liquid level in the mobile water tank.
3. High flow accuracy.


And what should we pay attention to when using the hall sensor flow meter?

  1. Insure no fast pulse flucuations of the fluid.

  2. Insure no reverse surge pressure.

  3. Insure no air in the entire circulation system.

  4. Notice the mounting position of the flowmeter.

  5. Min/max flow should be within the linear range of the flowmeter.

  6. System should be cleaned after an appropriate time.

  7. Avoid current impact.

  8. Misconnection to the joint terminal will damage the flowmeter.

  9. No mechanical stress on the joint terminal.

  10. No fog accumulation on joint terminals.