What's Wireless water leak alarm?

- Mar 25, 2021-

With the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous acceleration of the national construction process, 

the electrical system in housing construction is becoming more and more complex.

A large number of criss-crossed wires and cables not only make the environment messy, but also cause leakage or even fire due to current overload.

Many places are now looking for more wireless products to replace wired solutions. 

The wireless water leakage alarm is an intelligent monitoring device that integrates battery power supply, ultra-low power consumption, wireless communication, and leakage monitoring. 


Working Principle

The working principle of the wireless water leakage alarm system is also based on the principle of leakage of liquid conduction.

The principle of working  is that water touches the sensor (sensing cable) and causes the loop resistance to change. 

Trigger the flood transmitter to immediately upload the alarm data to the back-end platform, remind the monitoring personnel to deal with it immediately, 

and realize real-time monitoring of liquid leakage.

The cloud platform can record and query the monitoring data of each leaking transmitter. 


In addition to being a wired alternative to general places, it is more suitable for complex environments such as buildings and gullies that are not easy to construct and wire. 

The feature of no need to connect to electricity can save labor and material costs and optimize construction solutions.

Application field

It is widely used in communication base stations, computer rooms, power distribution rooms, fire pools, reservoirs, sewage treatment pools, water towers, armory,

archives, libraries, warehouses,production workshops, drug warehouses and other places.