What's water leakage alarm?

- Mar 04, 2021-

The water leakage alarm, as its name implies, is to detect whether there is water leakage in the place.

Once this happens, the alarm buzzer will sound to remind the relevant personnel to take corresponding measures.

So how is the water leakage alarm from detection to alarming process realized?

Working principle of water leak detection

The principle of operation is that when water or other conductive liquid leaks, the liquid touches the sensor (sensing detection cable),which causes the loop resistance to change.

A dedicated integrated circuit (automatic alarm controller) converts the resistance change value into a current and voltage value, 

thereby driving the automatic alarm circuit and the relay circuit to activate the automatic alarm.

The system essentially detects the different loop impedances input from each loop.

Water leakage alarms are generally used in communication base stations, precision computer rooms, hotels, restaurants, libraries, warehouses, urban water supply, high-rise pools, 

IDC computer rooms, intelligent buildings, communication base stations, substations, power distribution rooms, factories, commercial buildings, oil storage depots, etc.

All kinds of places that need to be monitored for leakage and other places that need to report.

Comparison of leakage alarm