What's the usage and benifits of remote wireless water level controller?

- Jan 20, 2021-

Usage of Remote Wireless Controller

1. Real-time display of water level, which can be used to observe changes in water level of rivers and reservoirs.

2. It is directly connected to the water pump, which can be used for water storage tanks, farmland irrigation reservoirs, and water supply towers. 

The water pumps are automatically turned on and off according to user settings.

3. The equipment can display and control in the monitoring room, or log in to the background to observe the liquid level in real time, 

and can set alarms and control the start and stop of the water pump to achieve remote control at any location.

4. Especially suitable for field and long-distance use, and can be widely used for water level monitoring of reservoirs, rivers, rivers, lakes, irrigation canals and mines.

5. It can also be widely used in water level control such as water storage tanks, farmland irrigation reservoirs, and water towers for water supply.

Benifits of Remote Wireless Controller

This equipment can facilitate the wireless transmission and monitoring of water level data, which is accurate, timely and fast; 

reduce labor intensity, reduce costs, and improve work efficiency.

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