What is the principle of infrared proximity sensor?

- Sep 11, 2020-

Because of the impact of the new coronavirus, hand sanitizer machines are becoming more common and frequently used. Therefore, users also have higher and higher requirements for hand sanitizers, and they are not satisfied with simple press-type dispensing.

It is necessary to install an infrared proximity sensor on the hand sanitizer machine. It detects and judges the liquid through infrared sensing objects, which also meets the needs of hand sanitizer automation. Just stretch your hand into the sensing area, the light emitted by the sensor's transmitter tube will be reflected to the receiving tube through your hand. When the receiving tube receives these light, it will give a signal to the main board, and the main board will drive the load to give liquid.
Through continuous testing and improvement, infrared proximity sensor from Shenzhen EPT Technology Co.,Ltd has increased anti-interference ability to sunlight, it has strong stability, waterproof and dustproof characteristics. The test distance is accurate and the repeatability is strong. If you need customized products, we can provide suitable solutions according to your needs.