What is the optical level sensor?

- Jul 17, 2019-

The optical liquid level switch is a liquid level measurement and control device developed by utilizing the principle of light reflection and refraction at the interface of two different media. This model has the advantages of simple structure, high positioning precision, no mechanical parts, no need for debugging, high sensitivity and corrosion resistance, low power consumption, small volume and the like, it is gradually recognized by the market.

1. The output of the liquid level is only related to whether the photoelectric probe is in contact with the liquid surface, it is independent of other characteristics of the medium, such as temperature, pressure, density, electricity, etc., the water tank level sensor has accurate detection and high repeatability; the response speed is fast. The liquid level control is very precise and can be installed directly without adjustment.

2. The tank level sensor probe is relatively small in size, it can be installed separately in a small space for use in a special tank or container. In addition, a plurality of photoelectric probes can be mounted on one measuring body to form a multi-point liquid level sensor and a variable controller.

3. Since all the components inside the sensor are resin-sealed, there is no mechanical moving parts inside the sensor, so the photoelectric liquid level sensor has high reliability, long life and maintenance-free.