What is the function of tilt switch?

- Sep 18, 2020-

For the tilt switch sensor, the biggest function is to protect electrical appliances, which can prevent accidents and make our lives more convenient. In today's technologically advanced society, our lives revolve around all kinds of machines, making life more convenient. But if it is not used properly, accidents will occur.

For example, electric heaters or electric fans, etc. We can see that many fires are caused by the use of electric fans. Part of the reason is that the electric fans continue to work after they fall, and the excessive heat falls on the carpet to ignite or because Fire caused by electrical damage.

With the development of science and technology, many electrical appliances are now improved. Therefore, in many electrical equipment, tilt switches are used to protect electrical appliances and solve the problem directly from the root cause. Such as oil heaters, air purifiers, vertical air conditioners, electric fans, etc.

There are many types of tilt switches, and there is always a difference between good quality and bad quality. For the tilt switch, the working principle, the material used and the design structure are all factors that affect the quality. So if you want to choose a good tilt switch, you need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of various tilt switches to make a choice.

In the micro switch type, the two contact pieces rely on the vertical swing of gravity to press down the pressing piece, so that the micro switch works. Because the spring force of the micro switch must be large to meet the good contact of the contact piece, although some surfaces are silver-plated, However, due to long-time work, the coating on the surface of the contact sheet will be destroyed, thereby oxidizing, the contact effect is not good, and the overall shape of the switch is also larger.

The mercury tilt switch relies on the rolling of the mercury ball to make the two inserts contact, and the effect is very good. However, due to the strong toxicity of mercury, it will seriously pollute the environment. At present, many countries have begun to stop using it.

Compared with other electronic tilt switches, the features of tilt switches from EPT are as following:


1. It has strong seismic resistance in both horizontal and vertical directions

2. The installation is simple. There will not be any damage when weld.

3. High precision of action, the angle error of high and low level switching can be controlled within ±5°

4. There is no friction and oxidation problems, and the ambient temperature and humidity have no influence on the signal output voltage.

The tilt switch can be used not only for household appliances, but also for physiotherapy equipment, sports equipment and other electrical appliances and equipment that require dumping protection.