What is anti-tip switch?

- Jun 27, 2019-

How can we prevent the accidents of home appliance dumping ? One is artificial control; The second is to solve directly at the source, installing anti-tip switch in the electrical appliances can solve this problem.


The anti-tip switch, that is to say, is a switch that protects the electrical appliance when it is dumped. What does this little switch do?

When the machine with tilt switch dumps or falls, the ball in the anti-tip switch is tilted and displaced with the housing under the action of gravity. The ball is returned to the original position due to the detachment of the ball, and the switch is momentarily disconnected, thereby cutting off the power supply or the circuit.

tilt switch

Use an electric fan for a simple example. 

When the fan is tilted to the left or right or back or forth, there are two shrapnel in the "angle dumping sensor". When the fan is unbalanced, the two shrapnel are separated, causing the circuit to be disconnected and the fan to stop working. 

Compared to other tilt switch, the features of our tilt switch are as belows:

1. Strong seismic resistance in both horizontal and vertical directions.

2. the installation process is simple, no damage will be caused during welding.

3. high precision of operation, high and low level switching angle error can be controlled within ±5°.

4. no friction, oxidation problems, ambient temperature and humidity have no effect on the signal output voltage.

Compared to mechanical dump switches, the advantages are as follows: 

  1. small size, cheap price.

  2. easy to install, can be directly installed on the PCB board, all rubber parts have a 94V0 level, safety requirements are easy to pass.

  3. the action accuracy is high, the switch angle action error is only within ±5°, and the mechanical tilt switch angle action error is within ±20°.

  4.  high reliability, long life, no safety hazards.