What is a non-contact type liquid level sensor?

- Jul 10, 2020-

The liquid level sensor can convert the liquid level into an electrical signal or other required information output to realize the functions of no water alarm and automatic water addition. According to their application, photoelectric liquid level sensors can be divided into two types: one-piece and non-contact type. Compared to one-piece type, what is the difference of non-contact type between structure, installation, and volume?

The non-contact type photoelectric liquid level sensor is the same as the one-piece type, and the interior is composed of an infrared transmitting and receiving tube. The photosensitive resin sensor is also used for encapsulation treatment. Therefore, the reliability, accuracy, function, working principle and reliability of the non-touch liquid level sensor are all same as the one-piece, the volume and installation method are also mostly similar


We can see that the integrated sensor will have a light-transmissive shell outside, while the split type is not.


The integrated liquid level sensor prism and sensor are integrated, while the separate prism and sensor are separated.


Because the lens part is separated from the sensor, the liquid with corrosive and strong pressure will not affect the work of the sensor. The advantage of using a split liquid level sensor is that the water tank is movable. It is convenient for users to clean and add water