What is a ball switch?

- Mar 21, 2020-

In simple terms, just like turning on or off the electric light, the switch touches the metal plate electric light inside, and turns off when it leaves. The ball switch also uses a similar principle. By using the rolling of the beads in the switch, it can make contact with metal terminals or change the course of light travel, which can produce the effect of conduction or non-conduction.

There are many different types of ball switch products, including angle sensor switch, vibration sensor switch, centrifugal force sensor switch and photoelectric ball switch. In the past, this type of switch was mainly based on mercury switches. Mercury (mercury) was used as the striking element. However, since mercury has been banned by governments in various countries, the striking elements have been replaced by balls.

However, the ball switch also has its shortcomings. There are angle restrictions. A certain angle is required for the ball switch to trigger, so the accuracy is not high, and sometimes the ball does not work, resulting in potential safety problems for household appliances such as heaters. With a high-precision dump switch, contact the EPTSensor staff and we will recommend the appropriate dump switch for your application.