What are the main products of Shenzhen EPT Technology Co.,Ltd?

- Sep 04, 2020-

We are committed to the development and production of sensors, mainly for various industrial equipment, new energy vehicles, household appliances, etc., providing liquid level detection, dumping protection, flow detection, gravity detection, angle detection and other sensors.

1: Sense the liquid level
A: Photoelectric liquid level sensor. Mainly used in home appliances, automobiles, medical appliances, equipment and so on.
Advantages: The accuracy can reach ±0.5mm, the stability is high; lifespan can reach 100,000hrs; Installation process is simple; The installation angles is device and the application environment is wide.

Photoelectric is a liquid level sensor divided into 3 types:
The integrated photoelectric liquid level sensor is suitable for equipment integrating water tank and machine.
Separate photoelectric liquid level sensor is suitable for electrical equipment whose water tank needs to be moved.
Multi-point photoelectric liquid level sensor, one sensor can detect multiple liquid level points.

B: Capacitive liquid level sensor. Mainly used in electrical equipment such as aromatherapy machines, printers, water heaters, etc.
Advantages: easy to install, close to the water tank to detect whether there is liquid in the water tank.

C: Gravity level sensor. Mainly used in electrical appliances and equipment that need to detect changes in the amount of liquid in the container.
Advantages: real-time detection of changes in the liquid in the container.

2: Flow detection
A: Hall flow sensor. Mainly used in coffee machines, water dispensers, water heaters and other electrical equipment that require small flow control.
Advantages: small size, easy installation; high flow accuracy, good reliability, and long life.

B: Photoelectric flow sensor. Mainly used in smart toilets, water purification equipment, etc.

3: Angle control of electrical equipment, anti-dumping protection
A: Vertical installation of the dump switch, suitable for vertical circuit board
B: Horizontally installation of the dump switch, suitable for the horizontal placement of the circuit board.
Mainly used for: purifiers, electric heaters, heaters, oil heaters, treadmills, drinking fountains, high-end desk lamps and other equipment.
Advantages: Small size; Good reliability; Long service life; No safety hazards; Simple installation process; High accuracy of action; Strong earthquake resistance.