What are the better sensors for water shortage protection?

- Sep 13, 2019-

The water shortage protection function is also called power failure protection. It automatically stops power when the sensor detects no water, this function can prevent accidents while protecting the electrical equipment. Optical liquid level indicator is a highly reliable water level sensor, which can output different signals when the measured liquid level change. Because the features of small size, convenient use and stable performance, they are very suitable for water shortage protection.

The Optical liquid level indicator internally contains a light emitting diode and a photosensitive receiver. When the sensor is not in contact with the liquid, the transmitting tube emits a light beam, the light beam is reflected back into the receiver through the lens. When the liquid covers the head, the light is refracted in the liquid, and the light reflected to the receiver is small or absent, which is the working principle of the optical fluid level sensor. The sensor is thus judged to have a water state or a waterless state based on the two different states.


In air                                                           In water

The water shortage protection function uses the fluid level sensor to output different signals in two different states (with water/no water) to realize liquid level detection. Install the photoelectric water level sensor in the bottom position. When it is in the water state, the sensor works normally. When the water level drops to a low level, the fluid level sensor gives a signal, when the device receives the signal, it automatically powers off and stops working, which prevents electrical appliances from dry burning and damage electrical appliances and other accidents such as fires caused by short circuits.

The water shortage protection function is usually seen in appliances such as humidifiers, water purifiers, aromatherapy machines, coffee machines, etc. The photoelectric water level sensor has the advantage that only the prism part is in contact with the liquid, so it meets food grade standards, the cleaning is extremely simple. If you choose separate photoelectric water level sensors, the cleaning is more easy.

The fluid level sensor has the characteristics of no calibration and no debugging, it can be used after the power supply. The advantages of photoelectric type includes small size, small space occupation, simple installation process, long service life and low influence by external factors. This is also the reason why various types of electrical appliances realize the water shortage protection function using fluid level sensor.